Custom Challenge Coins

November 6th, 2014

Custom challenge coins are metal coins that come in various sizes, shapes and style. It is being awarded to an individual indicating their excellence and achievements. It is also used to boost morale, motivate, inspire and remembrance. These coins were primarily used by the military as a sign of brotherhood. Later, the thought spreads among many organizations and it became a symbol of unity and oneness. Custom challenge coins then became popular and designs were created to fit its specific purpose.

Many websites offer custom challenge coins of all kinds. Each website and/or company is dedicated to provide great pricing, top quality products and best customer services. They value customer time and promise not to make waste of it. The company offers free artwork, designs and revisions to make sure that customer designs are met. They deliver the product to their customers fast and ensure 100 percent satisfaction with the quality.

custom challenge coinsSome websites are one-stop source of great custom challenge coins. They made it fun, easy and fast to order these coins. Most websites offer four different types of custom coins specifically Military coins, Police coins, Fire Department coins and Corporate coins.

Depending on the choice of the customer, some designs were premade and some were being made following the specifications of the customer. There are many features, styles and designs to choose from which will help enhance the appearance of each custom challenge coin. Some features of challenge coins produced in some websites areproducts with an antique finishing, due-tone metals, coin cut outs, diamond cut edges, sequential numbering, 3D molding, keychain attachments and custom packaging.There are many options as to how the customer wants their coin to look like. Metal colors can be silver, copper, gold or brass. Designs can be featured without added color or no color on the other side of the coin. Edge design options include cross-cut, wave-cut or rope-cut designs. Customers can design their coins shape in any way they want. These coins are made by the seasoned talented graphic artists who have created all types of challenge coins. There is no mystery in the making of these coins and they were being priced right. The company never charge extra for an additional design, revisions and artworks. Customer can choose any shape they want their coins to look like. They give their customers the total freedom as to how they want their coins to look like.

A variety of attractive coins are being offered in each websites. Each design will surely enhance the appearance of the coins and it will totally attract the attention of the collector. This makes it unique and a must have collector’s item. Styles offered by the company ranges from eight attractive designs namely, metal styles, edge cuts, 3D designs, cutouts and custom shapes. Again, the designs of these coins totally depend on the customer.

Military coins are the best and most popular custom challenge coin. It is best for honoring veterans and current military accomplishment, bravery and dedication.  Custom challenge military coin has a distinguished history. It is a symbol of bond that you share with your fellow military member. This will serve as a token for the unforgettable experiences you have shared together. Military custom challenge coins are largely used in the US, Canada, British, Germany and Australia. It symbolizes unit identity.

So there are many types of custom challenge coins that you might want to have. The design, style and cause could be different from the other but one thing for sure you want it made and it serves its own purpose.

The Lady Golfer and her Taylormade Golf Clubs

November 3rd, 2014

Regardless if the golfer is a man or a woman, Taylormade golf uses or applies the same technology in producing quality golf clubs. What are taken into considerations while creating the golf clubs for ladies are the length or height, weight, and flexibility of the golf clubs. Most ladies have small or petite physique and the have slower swing speed as compared to men. The clubs that are especially designed for lady golfers will allow these women to gain more advantages and benefits when playing golf.

Although color has nothing to do with how a woman plays her game (there are women who are more confident if they are wearing their favorite color), the shaft of her golf club is usually in pastel colors.

The Difference in Drivers

The drivers that are especially made for lady golfers have 12-degree loft minimum, while the driver that men use have nine to eleven degrees loft. Higher loft degrees can help lady golfers launch the ball off the tee without trouble. The drivers that the ladies use are also lighter than the drivers that men use. The Taylormade golf ladies’ drivers allow them to get better distance and speed, as well as higher trajectory when they hit the golf ball off tee.

The Ladies’ Woods

Ladies’ woods are also lighter than that of men’s and have higher loft degree. Ladies’ woods also have a wider selection to offer. Ladies appreciate the 13-wood which is a remarkable substitute for a long iron because ladies will surely find it easier to use.

The Irons for Ladies

Taylormade golfThe iron for ladies has a slightly heavier club head but, overall, the entire golf club is still lighter than that of men’s. The said iron has a softer flex. The shaft of the ladies’ iron is also shorter than men’s and this is because most women have shorter stature than men. The design is carefully created to compensate for the ladies’ slower swing pace.

The Material in the Ladies’ Shafts

The golf clubs especially designed for ladies usually have graphite shafts because graphite is comparatively lighter than steel. Men’s golf clubs often provide a choice between steel and graphite shafts for men who prefer the usual weight of golf club or the lighter one. It is also possible to have a softer flex when using a club with graphite shafts which can also give way to a better club head position.

The Grip

The grips on ladies’ golf clubs, like the ones that Taylormade golf provides, have smaller diameter and shorter length as compared to men’s. The women’s hands are comparatively smaller than the men’s hands and it is only right to design a grip that can easily fit in their hands. If a golfer has a good grip, then it is possible to deliver a successful swing.

Although there are some women who possess the physique of a man, a majority of women have smaller stature than men. Also, a number of lady golfers have smaller frame and manufacturers of golf clubs only want them to enjoy the game more by providing them with extra comfort that the right-sized golf clubs can give.

Unlike before when women were treated practically like slaves that could do nothing but obey, a modern woman have privilege to participate in a man’s dominated worlds including golf tournaments. The society recognizes the contribution of women in making things better and gives them an equal opportunity to enjoy the things that men enjoy. Golf manufacturers, like Taylormade golf, know that lady golfers are physically lacking in some things as compared to men golfers. The manufacturers tend to help the lady golfers overcome the things that limit their capability by giving them the right golf club allies that are especially designed for their needs and make them realize their goal.

Chatiquette 101: Using Chat Services the Proper Way

October 31st, 2014

Chatting is indeed really prevalent nowadays that several websites around the world cater to online chatting. It is because of the need for people to communicate with one another despite the distance and, sometimes, familiarity. It is just in human nature that people have the urge to talk and connect with people no matter what the odds are. But before engaging to such activities like online chatting, there are some unspoken guidelines to remember and things to avoid. This is also known as the “chatiquette,” or chat etiquette. Here are some of useful things to remember when using chat services:

1. They are people, too.

It is common courtesy to treat people from the other side of the chat room with respect and politeness, the same way a person is treated in a face-to-face encounter. Basic greetings are good conversation starters to avoid any tension and rude behavior is just as discouraged in chat rooms as it is in real life.

Chat services Chat partners are not just machines; they are also people working behind a computer. Therefore, it is not advisable to treat them with hostility and inconsideration unless the other party provokes a fight. In this case, it is best to remember using help and support from the chat service provider and let them take proper actions, especially if a chat partner is a stranger. However, if the other party is actually an acquaintance, it is best to talk things through personally since there is a higher chance of understanding and forgiveness between the two parties.

 2. Simple characters connote figurative meaning.

Since chat services mostly provide nonverbal like sms as a form of communication, it is hard to detect intonations and feelings from mere characters. That is why as the years passed, there evolved an unspoken agreement among chat users regarding the way of typing and when to use them.

An all-caps for of typing LIKE THIS can imply shouting, aggressiveness, or even anger. It can also be a way of telling the other person to take important note of what has just been said.

Several punctuation marks can also serve as an expression of feelings. These are called the “emoticons” and are commonly put after a sentence to lighten up a serious sentence or to simply clarify a feeling. There are a lot of symbol combinations to choose from, and they are not that hard to do and understand.

3. Complete understanding of abbreviations is a plus.

chatSince the early developments of chat services limit the characters and symbols used in a message, people started to use abbreviations or shortened versions of words and phrases to include long thoughts in one simple message. Some of the most common examples are: LOL (Laugh Out Loud), ASL (Age, Sex, Location), BTW (By The Way), and TTYL (Talk To You Later). A complete and total understanding of these things can improve the quality of communication since there will be less misinterpretation and the speed of typing will be much quicker.

4. There will always be diversity.

This mostly applies to chatting with strangers, but can also apply to acquaintances. Not all people are the same; they come from different families and countries with different beliefs and behavior, so it is always important to take note of some cultural differences. Insensitiveness and discrimination often spark fights and misunderstandings on the internet, and it is never wise to get involved in one. Online rage is pointless and childish, since the involved parties can choose to not show their face and only hide behind the safety of a computer.

5. Communication is about enjoyment.

Lastly, it should never be forgotten that the reason why these services were even invented is to be able to communicate with other people. So no matter how far it is, whoever it is, or what topic it is, it is best to always make the most out of modern communicating services and never take them for granted. Chat services are advantages for the people and therefore should also be treated with utmost care and respect.

Black Hat SEO: 9 things you should never do to promote your site

October 31st, 2014

Black-Hat-SEO or search engine optimization is a common set of techniques that can help make your site more popular on web searches. It’s usually used as a part of online marketing strategies to promote products and business sites.

There are a lot of components which fall under the blanket term SEO. However, there are some foul techniques which you should never try doing, unless you want your site to get flagged as spam. Black Hat SEO is the term which is used to refer to these techniques.

SEOHere are some Black Hat SEO schemes that you should not use for your sites. You might fool search engines at first, but these schemes would do you more harm than good in the long run. Search engines have built-in mechanisms to discover if you’ve been using bad SEO techniques on your site.

1. Keyword stuffing. Using keywords is one of the best ways to improve the ranking of your website. However, stuffing a single web page full of keywords even when an article no longer makes sense is considered foul. The optimum keyword usage is 2 to 4 times for every 500 to 700 words of text.

2. Hidden text. This is the practice of including hidden HTML text in a web page to increase the ranking of a page in SERPs (search engine results pages). This Black Hat technique is not only considered spamming; it is illegal and may eventually lead to a website being blocked from appearing on web searches.

3. Site cloaking. Some website owners manipulate their web servers to fool search engine spiders by feeding them false, keyword-rich content. The spider will then give the website a higher ranking in organic searches. But when end users visit the link, they discover that the website has an entirely different (and completely unrelated) content from the keyword that they searched for.

4. Content plagiarism. Instead of creating original content, some sites copy keyword-rich content directly from other well-established sites. This is a lazy and illegal tactic which will result in severe penalties for your site.

5. Link farming. Linking your site to other well-reputed and related websites is a good SEO practice. However, some businesses establish link farms—or groups of websites that link to each other in hopes of increasing their search engine ranking. This is an example of Black Hat SEO that will cause your site to be included in the blacklist of search engines.

6. Doorway pages. Doorways are landing pages that contain a list of keywords and nothing substantial except for a link to the actual website. Doorway pages are created solely to fool search engines to rank a website higher in organic search results.

7. Bot-generated content. Instead of creating useful content or hiring professional web content writers, some web publishers choose the easy way out by using a bot to generate useless, nonsensical content (usually stuffed with keywords).

8. Forum spamming. It’s okay to endorse your website in other sites and online communities occasionally. But sometimes, web users use multiple accounts and bots simply to post the website link multiple times in a single website.

9. Cross linking and spam links. Placing links to your website in too many sites and linking to spam sites can cause your website to be flagged as spam as well.